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Mind Strengths has developed a range of core workshops

About Us

Mind Strengths specialises in business coaching, training and consultancy services for all types of companies. Our clients are drawn from many diverse sectors, including Accountancy, Education, Financial, Grounds Maintenance, Healthcare, Insurance, Law, Motorsport (F1) & Automotive Products, NHS, Public Sector, Retail, Social Housing, Waste Management & Recycling.

Our main areas of business coaching and training include Leadership, Team and Personal Development, Wellbeing, Stress Resilience, Mental Toughness, Customer Service Excellence, Managing Conflict, Coaching for Managers and Time Management.


A complete portfolio of business coaching programmes, all designed to ensure that employee personal development is top of the agenda. We coach across a wide range of subjects, which all link to the key workshops that we specialise in and deliver for clients. For example, ensuring your teams are resilient and proactive towards managing the pressures of workplace stress has been a coaching cornerstone for many years. Keeping your mind fit and active.

It has been proven that when you empower your employees with the knowledge they require, they become more efficient, improve productivity and increase their morale. One to one coaching is so successful and the results speak for themselves.

Workplace demands have increased dramatically over the past few years, resulting in the need to have more mental toughness, one of the core subjects covered in our workshops and coaching sessions. When you are mentally prepared for what lies ahead, your emotions and behaviour stay within acceptable ranges and you will ultimately reduce your negative challenges.

Ask us about Skype coaching sessions too, with document distribution and live feedback!


Training is all about developing your employees and teams to ensure that targets are exceeded and that you get the absolute best from your people. Without structured development, teams can drift and become unfocused on the tasks that they have to perform.

Our clients benefit from our tailored training programmes, which provide seamless links to coaching sessions as personal development continues. Learn how to enhance customer service and relationship management, alongside essentials such as selling skills, stress resilience, conflict management and time management.

We will offer total flexibility regarding delivery of training workshops, allowing clients to mix and match different subjects in a day if they wish, or select a half day workshop and offer some coaching instead. The choice is yours, just run your ideas past us.

Mind Strengths have also designed a unique modular Leadership Development programme for schools and academies, which is delivered in bite size chunks. This programme can also be adapted for businesses, so please ask us for further details.


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