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Stress Management

I was walking down Cheapside in London this week in between meetings when a man of Indian faith stopped me and said that my “third eye” and chakra were very strong. Now, I  now a little about this subject matter, enough to get me by, so I listened to what he had to say. He talked about money, my success and what I should watch out for along the way. Made sense to me so he carried on.

What happened next was either a very good magician’s trick or fate! He wrote down two things on a small piece of paper, screwed up the paper and made me hold it in my hand. He then asked me two questions. What is my favourite colour and name a number between 1-101. After I had given him my answers, he asked me to unwrap the piece of paper that I had in my hand. Sure enough, he had written BLUE and 8. Exactly what I had told him and I had hold of the piece of paper all along. He then told me that I would be extremely successful in business between a certain period – I have a note of those dates!

At the end of our short conversation, he asked for some money to help him get to Switzerland to meet up with fellow Yogi’s. I only had some coins, I was satisfied with that and liked what I heard. He certainly “knew” about me. He came from nowhere to find me and I was compelled to listen to what he had to say. We parted company with him shaking my hand and saying “remember my face” in a very gentle tone of voice. My favourite topic, Body Language, was strong but welcoming from his side.

I will remember the man of mystery, he made me think about a couple of things, which is good. Someone challenging my thoughts rather than the other way around – I enjoyed that! I have spent many years helping people through coaching and mentoring and hoping that they have an open mind to see things in a different perspective and I love seeing the positive results. My turn now, I’ll let you know how I progress…..!!


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